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Hurt In A Motorcycle Crash? Here's How To Maximize Your Potential Personal Injury Compensation

After being hurt in a motorcycle accident, recovery expenses can be costly. But if the accident wasn't your fault, you may be able to gain compensation for your pain and suffering as well as the damage that's been done to your motorcycle. It's a good idea to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you determine likely settlement and trial values, and then create a game plan to secure fair compensation for your pain, suffering, and motorcycle repairs. You can help your lawyer maximize your potential personal injury compensation using these tips and tricks:

Take Photographs for Proof

One of the best ways you can support your personal injury lawyer is to take plenty of photos that help document your side of the story about how the accident happened and the resulting injuries you're recovering from. If at all possible, head back to the accident scene and take pictures of landmarks, street signs, and any other visuals that help prove exactly where the accident took place. If glass or other debris has been left behind, photograph those items as well.

You should also take close up pictures of any damage that's been done to your motorcycle before any repairs are done so there is no question about the extent of the damage. Your bodily injuries should be documented through photos once a week as you recover too, as this will help to prove the extent of the injuries and how long your recovery process takes.

Talk to Witnesses

While you are taking photographs at the scene of the accident, spend some time talking to people who live nearby to find out if they saw the accident first-hand. Ask those who did happen to see the accident if they're willing to act as a witness, and gather their contact information for your lawyer. You can also have your lawyer provide you with basic witness forms to have each person you speak with fill out so no important information is overlooked.

Make copies of each form before handing them over to your lawyer and keep them with your own files in case you need to submit them to your insurance company or others within the court system at some point. Ensure that you have a few of your lawyer's business cards when talking with potential witnesses. If someone is not comfortable providing you with their personal contact information, you can give them a business card and ask them to contact your lawyer directly.

Keep a Daily Progress Diary

In addition to taking photos and talking to witnesses, it's a good idea to document your recovery process in a daily diary or notebook until you are fully healed. Your daily documentation should include only the aspects of your life that involve the accident itself and its outcome. Whether every morning or night, set a little time aside to record the type and extent of the pain you're in at the time, what kind of medication you have to take for the day, whether you've missed any work and income, and your overall mindset in terms of how well and quickly you're recovering. Your lawyer should be able to use your documentation as a tool when calculating the compensation amount you'll be negotiating for in your case. Provide your lawyer with weekly copies of your updated diary so they can keep a running tab of your expenses, pain, and suffering as your case develops.

Using these techniques and methods to get some of the leg work done for your case may even save you some money on legal fees, as you'll be making your personal injury attorney's job a little easier and less time consuming. You can also talk to your lawyer for more tips, or click for more information here. 

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