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Teen Drinking And Driving: How Do You Get Justice For Your Lost Loved One?

If you recently lost your high school graduate to a fatal car crash, speak to an auto accident attorney right away. At the end of the school year, many young people celebrate their graduations by attending parties. But some teens take their celebrations too far by drinking and driving. If the driver who struck your loved one was drunk, you can pursue compensation for your loss in court with the help of an attorney. Here are things you should know about teen drinking and driving and what you can do to obtain compensation for your loved one's loss of life.

How Does Teen Drinking and Driving Become Worse During Graduation Time?

Although it doesn't happen with every graduating teen, some will participate in drinking games when they attend parties and other events. They typically attend gatherings that aren't regulated or monitored by adults, such as a parent or guardian, so that they can drink freely. Some of these young people choose to get behind the wheel and drive intoxicated, even when they know they shouldn't.

Drinking games allow teens to consume large amounts of alcohol in short periods of time. Some games may require teens to act on dares, such as who can drink the most or fastest without vomiting or passing out. Once the parties are over, the intoxicated teens attempt to drive themselves and their friends home without contacting a parent or using a designated driver. The results can be disastrous, especially if the drunken teens hit innocent and unsuspecting drivers head on.

Head-on collisions can cause a great deal of damage to the front ends of cars, trucks and other passenger vehicles. The impacts can potentially crush or dislodge hoods, windshields and interiors of the vehicles. It's also possible for vehicles to slide under other vehicles during head-on collisions. Some drivers and passengers can eject out of their vehicles during these types of crashes, while others may suffer severe bone fractures, whiplash, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries. Other individuals may succumb to their injuries. 

Although it won't bring back your loved one, you can take steps to pursue compensation to help with their burial expenses.

What Can You Do to Bring Justice for Your Loved One?

Contacting an attorney is the most important step you can take right now. Because of the nature of your case, a car accident attorney may require the help of an auto crash forensics expert. Without your loved one's eyewitness account of the accident, it may be difficult to prove that the other driver was at fault for it.

A forensics expert can reconstruct the accident by visiting the scene of the incident and looking for clues, such as dark skid marks. Skid marks may reveal that the other driver attempted to brake or swerve suddenly before striking your loved one's car. The clues may also reveal the angle of the other car as it struck your loved one's vehicle. For instance, if the other car hit your loved one's vehicle on the driver's side, the angles of the skid marks may show this. 

In addition, a forensics expert may use computer technology to recreate the accident. The technology may reveal the speed and position of the other driver's vehicle at the time of the accident. Many head-on collisions occur when people drive on the wrong side of the road, or go the wrong way. It's important to show that the other driver's careless drinking impaired their judgment and ability to operate a vehicle properly.

After the investigation completes, an attorney may present the evidence to the other driver's insurance company for compensation. A lawyer may also pursue wrongful death compensation to help you overcome your loved one's funeral expenses. It's important that you speak with an attorney to find out what type of compensation you qualify for during your consultation.

For more information about starting a case, contact an auto accident lawyer today.

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