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Make Sure Your Side Of The Accident Argument Has Proof

Many accidents have evidence that can show how the accident was caused. Directions of the skidmarks, the damage areas, and damage caused to the road can tell a lot, but there are many times when those "obvious" evidence hints fail to tell the whole story. Especially during elaborate scams, you need a way to prove your innocence when everything else screams guilt. Here are a few road accident proof concerns, along with ways to protect your side of the argument.

Allegedly Obvious Fault

There are a few rumors an half-truths about accidents and fault. It's usually true that if you rear end a vehicle, you're at fault. Hitting a pedestrian is also usually the driver's fault unless that person is away from designated crosswalks, and even then, some doubt is shed on the side of the driver.

The problem is that while many of these situations usually show negligence on the part of the drive, it's far from a fact. That "usually" isn't a massive majority, and there are situations such as a driver reversing into another car, letting their emergency brake slip, or stopping too suddenly for even a reasonable following distance to avoid.

Don't look at the situation as assume guilt. They may have a good argument, but your explanation of the situation is valuable. It's also not your job to argue the other side or the law. For that reason, drop the following phrases from your vocabulary:

"I know."

"I could have."

"Maybe I."

Admit no fault, make no concessions, and meet no one half way. The other side has to work for their argument, and you are not required to smooth things over or be a good conversation maker.

Using Technology To Prove Innocence

The best defense is a witness that can't be debunked easily. If you don't have a dash cam now, consider getting one to protect your argument during an accident.

Countries such as Russia and China have to deal with insurance systems that are becoming increasingly strict, desperate people willing to fake an accident for a payout, and police who are overwhelmed by the situation--along with other issues up for debate, such as corruption.

For this reason, dash cams have not only become commonplace for personal protection in some countries, but a source of entertainment for the internet. Whether its morbid curiosity or laughing at scammers getting caught, the power of a dash cam is easy to see. 

The US isn't completely free from scams, but scammers have to be a lot more creative to pull off their craft. A simple dash cam that records maybe 3 to 5 days before overwriting itself can capture how an accident happened, and the modern level of video quality can discern a lot of details.

They're easier to mount in cars and trucks, but not impossible for motorcycles. Because motorcycle interiors are exposed, make sure to have a professional installation that secures the camera as basically a part of the bike.

Because cameras can be stolen, don't brag about your evidence! Remain calm, contact police, and hold your evidence until police are present. Be sure to have an accident lawyer's number in your contacts to get as many eyes on the situation in case something shady happens. For more information, contact companies like D Chadwick Calvert Law Office.

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