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Suffering From An Auto Accident Injury? Know What Questions To Ask Your Attorney

If you've recently been the victim of an automobile accident that caused an injury, you'll likely visit an attorney that specializes in these types of cases. If you've never been the victim in a personal injury lawsuit before, it is easy to be confused about the whole process. Here are some questions you should ask your attorney.

What Items Can You Receive Compensation For?

The main reason anybody uses an attorney in an automobile accident is to receive compensation. It's natural to want to know more information about what type of things even qualify for compensation. Your attorney should tell you about things that can receive compensable damage, which include hospital bills, durable medical goods, doctor bills, and lost wages due to missing work.

In addition to that, your attorney can let you know about other items that you could request compensation for. This includes compensation for a lower quality of life, which can come from not being able to participate in activities that you used to be able to do due to the injury. This can include playing sports if you were a regular basketball player. The injury may also have affected your ability to care for other members of your family, such as an aging parent, which now requires you to pay for professional assistance.

What Is The Injury Case Timeline Like?

An injury case can take a while to settle. That's why it helps to know what the timeline of events are for a case like yours, so you can be prepared for what the next step will be and how far away you are from receiving compensation.

For example, there is a negotiation phase where your attorney tries to settle on compensation with the insurance company of the defendant. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case goes to trial. If you have concerns about receiving compensation right away, ask to see the timeline about how long a trial will take. If it is too far off, you may be willing to accept a smaller compensation to avoid the lengthy legal process.

These are just a few questions you will have for an attorney when you first meet with them. By having some questions prepared for your first meeting, it will let your attorney know that you are serious about seeking a settlement for your injuries. Hopefully, they can work with you to get you the compensation you need. For more information, contact a law office like Alexander Law Group.

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Finding Someone Who Can Be On Your Side

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