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Defective Products: Did Your New Bicycle Cause Your Injuries?

Bike riding, or cycling, is one of the best ways to manage your weight, improve your muscle strength, and protect your heart from disease. But if your new bike's frame, brakes, or handlebars broke during one of your rides and caused you significant bodily injuries, take action right away. Your new bicycle could be a defective product. Learn more about defective products and why your bike may be one of these products below.

Is Your Bicycle Defective?

When you purchase products from your favorite online and in-person retailers, you may expect the items to be safe and free of defects. However, some products can be defective if they fail to keep you safe when you use them, including mountain bikes, cruisers, and hybrid bicycles. Defective bicycles may have bad brake systems, poorly welded frames and handlebars, and even broken compression rods.

Although many retailers place recalls on their defective bicycles once they become too hazardous to use on the road, some manufacturers may not do so. The manufacturers may also blame consumers for the injuries they incur from using the defective products. For instance, the manufacturer of your bicycle may blame your accident on user error, such as failure to yield to oncoming traffic or ride on the right side of the road. Unless you have witnesses on your side, you may not be able to prove your claim against the manufacturer or the company that sold you the bike. 

You can overcome the limitations above by speaking to a defective products attorney.

Is the Bike's Manufacturer Responsible for Your Injuries?

An attorney may be able to bring a defective product liability case against the bike's manufacturer. A products liability attorney may check various product recall databases to see if other consumers experienced problems with the manufacturer's bicycles. If the manufacturer is listed in a database, an attorney may be able to obtain this information for your liability claim.

A lawyer for defective products may also examine or have someone examine your bike. If your bike shows signs of poor workmanship, bad design, or failure with another crucial component, an attorney may be able to use the evidence in your case. The bicycle shouldn't feature in flaws or defects in its design. 

Also, continue to see a physician about your bicycle accident injuries. A physician can keep records of your treatment for future use in your case.

If you need help completing a claim or case for your bicycle accident, contact a defective products attorney today such as Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Law Firm.

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