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When Enticement Leads To Injuries

Young children are in a special legal class that attempts to protect them and to punish those who cause them harm. While there are bad people who might intend to harm a child, children may also be accidentally harmed by an enticement. If your child has suffered physical injuries due to the carelessness of another, your child has rights. Read on to find out more.

What Are Enticements?

Just as you might expect, an enticement is meant to lure someone in. When that someone is a minor-aged child, the consequences can be devastating. Adults are responsible for making sure that children, even children that are not their own, stay safe, and that is what usually happens. Unfortunately, though, some don't protect innocent children from being hurt on their property.

Common Enticements

Also known as an attractive nuisance, these hazards signal that both residents and businesses must keep curious children in mind and take action to protect them. To give you a better idea of what an enticement might mean, take a look at some common enticements that can harm children:

  • Swimming pools accessible by children, along with ponds, lakes, fountains, and other bodies of water.
  • Holes in the ground, wells, caves, and tunnels.
  • Medications, cleaners, poisons, and other dangerous substances.
  • Dangerous tools and yard equipment.

Taking Action After an Injury

If you feel the property owner or business did not do enough to protect your child from being injured, speak to a personal injury lawyer. You may feel that common safety measures like locks and fences were not property utilized to keep your child from being hurt. Your first priority is the health and safety of your child, so be sure you take them to the doctor if you have not already done so. If there are no physical injuries to your child, consider yourself lucky, but have your child examined anyway. Medical proof of the way your child was harmed is vital. With that done, take these steps:

  1. Keep all paperwork related to the injury. Save and organize medical records, receipts, police or accident reports, and anything else available.
  2. Gather eye-witness contact information. Your personal injury lawyer needs to interview witnesses immediately and take a statement from them.
  3. Take photos of the enticement/attractive nuisance, if possible. Act fast to ensure nothing is covered up, altered, or disturbed.

A personal injury lawyer can help you in your case for your child. You have the right to file suit on your child's behalf to recoup damages like medical expenses, pain and suffering, your lost wages, and more.

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