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Personal Injury Red Flags

Car accidents are as varied in scope as the drivers themselves. However, even what appears to be minor accidents can result in serious injuries for the victim. To get a better idea of when you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer as opposed to just letting the insurance adjuster handle things, read on.

High Dollar Injuries – It doesn't take much for medical expenses to mount after an accident. It might be a good idea to let that be your guide when determining what to do. Even a week in a hospital could mean thousands of dollars in medical expenses. If you also required surgery to repair something, costs could rise to nearly a hundred thousand. Those with serious injuries involving several body areas should seriously consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer.

The main reason this sort of injury situation requires more attention is that you probably deserve to be paid for pain and suffering. That form of damage may not be offered by the insurer, however. You could be eligible for several times your medical expenses if you go beyond what is offered. Instead of being paid only for your medical expenses, you could be paid two or more times that amount for pain and suffering.

Low Offers – The insurer for the other driver may not offer you what you deserve. It's best to check things out with a personal injury lawyer before you agree to anything. They will look over the facts of the case and advise you of what you should be paid and what to do to ensure you are paid that amount.

Problems with Fault – If the other driver is saying that you caused the accident, but you know that is not correct, you need help now. If you accept the blame for an accident, you could be sued, your insurance could be canceled or become unaffordable, and more. Fault also means you won't be paid for your own damages like pain and suffering and lost wages.

Complicated Cases – Chain-reaction crashes can be difficult to cope with on your own. Identifying the at-fault party is of prime importance so that you can be paid for your damages. Any case with multiple drivers and vehicles is more complex.

False Allegations – The other insurer may resort to accusing victims of having preexisting conditions rather than pay the medical bills as needed. Also, you might be accused of failing to seek prompt medical attention after the wreck. These situations can be troubling and impossible to deal with on your own.

Any of the above red flags will indicate the need for a lawyer. Speak to an auto accident attorney about your case right away.

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Finding Someone Who Can Be On Your Side

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