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3 Medical Malpractices A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You File A Claim Against

Healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors have the duty to treat their patients and perform surgical procedures carefully. However, sometimes they may make mistakes that may cause disabilities, physical trauma, and emotional distress to their patients. Sadly, some try to hide these errors, leaving victims to suffer from lifelong injuries. If you're a victim of medical negligence or malpractice, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the responsible physician and get compensated. Proving negligence or malpractice in such cases is not easy, which is why you should let a professional handle your case. Keep reading to learn about three misconducts attorneys can assist you file a lawsuit against.


This type of negligence occurs when a physician fails to diagnose your condition accurately either by diagnosing you with something you're not suffering from, or states that you're not sick. Such misdiagnoses can worsen your condition, especially if you don't seek treatment in time for the right illness. It may also expose you to harm if you're treated for a disease you don't have. 

A lawyer can conduct investigations and determine if your misdiagnosis qualifies as malpractice. They'll find out if the physician offered care that a competent doctor would have provided in similar circumstances. If they discover some elements of negligence, they'll sue them for their actions and ensure you get compensated for your suffering. 

Surgical Errors

Surgeries are essential medical procedures meant to treat serious illnesses. If a mistake is made while undergoing this procedure, your quality of life can be significantly impacted, and you may have to live with permanent injuries for the rest of your life. Some surgical malpractices include operating on the wrong body part, performing a procedure on the wrong patient, interfering with organs, tissues, and nerves during the process, or using equipment that isn't sterilized.

Attorneys understand all the procedures that should be followed during surgeries. Even if you signed a consent form before undergoing the treatment process, they'll conduct thorough investigations to determine if any of these reckless actions were performed on you. If the doctors are liable, they'll accuse them of negligence and represent your interests in court to get you the best outcome.

Delivery Injuries

Most people are excited when they deliver babies. When the delivery staff makes errors that injure the child or birth parent, the aftermath can be debilitating for the parent and infant. 

A lawyer can assist you if you experience delivery injuries due to recklessness. They'll find out if you were offered adequate prenatal care, and whether the baby received the right attention and monitoring when you were in labor. The proof collected from these instances will be used to sue the responsible staff members and get you a reimbursement.

Medical irresponsibility can result in serious injuries to the victims. If you're a victim of these incidents, a lawyer can hold the liable physicians accountable for their actions. Contact a firm like Labine Law Firm and they'll help answer your case-specific questions.

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