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Whiplash Injuries Suffered In Vehicular Crashes: 3 Critical Questions To Ask An Attorney Before Pursuing Payments

Victims who suffer whiplash injuries in vehicular crashes may experience complications that make it challenging to undertake some activities. This is more likely to happen to those who put off medical care after a collision. Therefore, if another driver hits you, get a comprehensive medical checkup to determine whether you have suffered these injuries. Then, if the tests come back positive, contact a lawyer to find out how to pursue payment. During your consultation, ask them the following questions to learn what you can expect in your case: 

Can You Get a Payment From the Wrongdoer?

The motorist who hit your vehicle should compensate you if you suffer whiplash injuries. Even so, getting your rightful payment might be challenging, especially if you didn't seek treatment immediately after the collision because the symptoms only became evident afterward. In a case like this, the defendant or insurance representatives might argue that you failed to seek treatment right away because you were not hurt. Therefore, they can assert that you deserve a low payment, which may not cover your treatment costs. As such, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to assist you in collecting evidence to prove your case. This will enable you to get a fair payment for your injuries.

How Much Can You Get in Compensation?

The payment you get from the wrongdoer will depend on the circumstances of your case. Generally, victims who require expensive medical treatment or suffer disability receive higher compensation. Nonetheless, insurance companies may use inappropriate calculation methods or unlawful tactics to reduce complainants' payments, particularly for those claimants who handle the compensation process themselves. Therefore, you should consider working with a lawyer when seeking payments from the offender's insurer. When you do this, your attorney will have financial experts assist them in determining the losses you may incur because of your injuries. Your legal advisor will then negotiate rigorously to help ensure you get a settlement equivalent to your damages.

Is There a Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit?

You must file a lawsuit within a certain duration after suffering whiplash in a collision. This varies depending on the type of case and the parties responsible for your injuries. Significantly, if you don't file your injury lawsuit within the stipulated time, you may lose the right to sue the culprit. Therefore, promptly discussing your case with an attorney is advisable to find out when you are supposed to file a suit. Then, seek their assistance in preparing and filing the claim to avoid missing the deadline.

Contacting a personal injury case attorney immediately after suffering whiplash injuries in a vehicular crash is important. This way, you will learn how to pursue payments and get assistance throughout the legal process, enabling you to get your rightful settlement. 

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