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Strategies To Prove The Impact Of Your Catastrophic Injury On Your Quality Of Life

When an injury is catastrophic, it can have a profound and lasting impact on your quality of life. To make sure you receive the compensation that properly addresses your pain and suffering, you need to prove the extent of those injuries.

Here are some strategies for proving the true impact of your catastrophic injury. 

Provide Evidence of Lost Income

If your injury is serious enough to qualify as a catastrophic injury, it can likely prevent you from working. Lost wages that result from an inability to work due to your injury should be documented and included in any settlement or court award. You will need to provide evidence of the income you lost while recovering from the injury.

Be prepared to present evidence regarding the nature of your employment and how it has been impacted by the injury. If you've had a substantial salary drop or are unable to work due to a disability, this should be clearly demonstrated with documentation. 

Furthermore, you may also want to include evidence of future income losses, such as those associated with an inability to take on a higher-paying job or any salary increases you may have had if not for the injury. 

You can use economic expert testimony to help explain the impact of your injury on future earning capacity. They could explain the future wage losses you will likely incur and help put a dollar amount on those losses.

An experienced catastrophic lawyer can help you understand the financial impact of your injury and provide support in gathering evidence. They can work with you to calculate a fair settlement that accurately reflects the financial losses incurred.

Present Witnesses to Testify on Your Behalf

Witnesses are one of the most powerful pieces of evidence in a catastrophic injury case. Having witnesses who can testify about your physical condition before and after the injury can be critical in demonstrating your losses. Witnesses to testify about your physical, emotional, and mental condition before and after an injury can lend powerful credibility to your case.

Your witnesses can include family members, friends, medical professionals, and employers who can testify about the nature of your injury, its impact on your life, and how you have changed since the injury. They could also provide evidence about the extent of any pain and suffering you have experienced due to the injury.

These witnesses should be able to attest to the physical and emotional effects of your injury on your daily activities, such as your ability to work or partake in leisure activities. They can also explain the change in your lifestyle, such as any difficulties you face to perform even simple tasks.

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