Finding Someone Who Can Be On Your Side

Hit By An Uninsured Driver: What Happens Now?

In the United States, all states require drivers to carry liability insurance. This insurance policy is meant to pay out if the driver causes damage to another person or vehicle while on the road. If you are pulled over and do not have insurance, you will be ticketed and fined -- and you may even have your license taken away. Unfortunately, there are people for whom the threat of license revocation and fines is not threatening enough. Read More 

Yes, You Can Sue For Loss Of Inheritance In A Wrongful Death Claim

Family members of wrongful death victims can successfully sue to recover a variety of damages, including loss of income and consortium. But one that's often overlooked is the loss of inheritance. Here's more information about how the courts handle this request from survivors and what you need to do to get what you're owed. Calculating Loss of Inheritance The court defines loss of inheritance as the difference between the value of a person's estate at the time of their premature death and the value it would have been if they had lived until their natural death. Read More 

Suffered Whiplash In A Car Accident? What You Can Do About It

Although it's sometimes joked about on television shows and in the movies, whiplash is no laughing matter. The malady sometimes comes on several days after you've been in an accident, causing a lot of discomfort in your head, neck, and shoulders. You might be thinking about simply waiting it out or applying another home remedy, but you need to take this seriously. If you ever suffer whiplash in a car accident, this is what you need to do about it: Read More 

3 Useful Tips When Dealing With A Medical Malpractice Case

If you've become injured or sick because of the direct actions taken by a doctor, you may have a viable medical malpractice case on your hands. So that you take the right legal actions to facilitate this process and get compensation for damages that resulted, utilize these tips.  Find Another Doctor  If you suspect medical malpractice has occurred, the last thing you want to do is continue seeing that doctor that caused your medical complication. Read More 

Suffering From An Auto Accident Injury? Know What Questions To Ask Your Attorney

If you've recently been the victim of an automobile accident that caused an injury, you'll likely visit an attorney that specializes in these types of cases. If you've never been the victim in a personal injury lawsuit before, it is easy to be confused about the whole process. Here are some questions you should ask your attorney. What Items Can You Receive Compensation For? The main reason anybody uses an attorney in an automobile accident is to receive compensation. Read More 

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Finding Someone Who Can Be On Your Side

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